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Introductory post.

I have always been enamored with the Derevko women. From Sydney Bristow to Nadia Santos to the mother and aunts of them both, I've wanted more, more, more fic. Stories exploring their backgrounds and how being a Derevko affects them have been my favorites since I first fell in love with Irina Derevko's character.

So I've decided to host a Derevko ficathon. This ficathon is for the Derevkos -- whether is it Sydney on a mission, Irina as a young mother, Derevko sex, whatever. Just make certain that the main character has those amazing Derevko genes.

You do NOT have to have an LJ to participate. If you do not have any place other than the Pit (ff.net) to where to post your story and don't wish to get an LJ, please e-mail me. I will post it here for you.

Please fill out the following request form. Either e-mail it to me at flerping at gmail dot com, or reply here. All comments will be screened.

Final sign-up date Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Assignments sent out Friday, July 1, 2005
stories due Sunday, August 7, 2005

Word count must have a low of at least one thousand (1,000). More than that is terribly fine with me!


One Derevko that you want to see:
One place you would like to see:
One object/action you would like to see:

Characters that you like to write (from one Derevko to entire cast):
Character (limit 1) that you are unable to write:
One restriction on what you can write (No NC-17, no gay, no children, no dogs, no red balloons ...):

Are you willing to write a back-up fic?
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